Julia Users Most Likely To Defect To Python for Data Science

The open-source project behind Julia, a programming language for data scientists, has revealed which languages users would shift to if they decided no longer to use Julia. From a report:

Julia, a zippy programming language that has roots at MIT, has published the results of its 2020 annual user survey. The study aims to uncover the preferences of those who are building programs in the language. […] Last year, 73% of Julia users said they would use Python if they weren’t using Julia, but this year 76% nominated Python as the other language. MATLAB, another Julia rival in statistical analysis, saw its share of Julia users as a top alternative language drop from 35% to 31% over the past year, but C++ saw its share on this metric rise from 28% to 31%. Meanwhile, R, a popular statistical programming language with a dedicated crowd, also declined from 27% to 25%.


Interesting. I tend to alternate between Python and R depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. I might give Julia a shot sometime.