Jobless During COVID-19? Try These Websites & Make Money During Lockdown

“100 million and more jobs are at risk… The unemployment rate in India has increased by 23% since lockdown… We have agreed for a 10 per cent pay cut because we want everyone’s job to be safe. It is better to take a pay cut than lose jobs – Bajaj Auto Union"

Well these are the headlines from different news websites, which are certainly scarier that any horror shows on Netflix! So, how will India survive the lockdown? Here’re a few ideas and the websites on how to make money online during lockdown and manage your expenses.

Table of Contents

  • 15 Websites To Make Money During Lockdown in India
  • BigRock
  • Tech Bandhu
  • BharatTutors
  • TutorIndia
  • Facebook Communities for Freelancers
  • Fiverr
  • Join Online Communities of Designers
  • Shutterstock
  • ImagesBazaar
  • Freelancing Sites
  • Clinchbucks
  • Flipkart & Amazon
  • Google AdSense
  • Slice the Pie
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Make Trendy Masks from Recycled Fabrics
  • Create Your Own Art & Craft Collection
  • Put Your Empty Parking Space on Rent

15 Websites To Make Money During Lockdown in India

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There must be some start-up entrepreneurs in your list who are looking for tech solutions, or someone in your acquaintance who lacks resources to sustain their business and make money during lockdown. You can refer different tech solutions to them and earn commission on every sale.

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