JioCloud : Free 55GB Cloud Storage for all (Easy & Fast)

JIO Cloud is offering 5 GB(for JIO users) or 2 GB(for Non-JIO users) Cloud storage data on sign up.
You get additional 10 GB Cloud storage Data on every successful refer (Upto 50 GB)
You get storage for Lifetime.

SignUp Here : OR
Download App

*Even self refer is working.

  1. Max 5 Referrals per user.
  2. So you can easily get upto 55 GB in few minutes.
  3. No EMail/Phone Verification
  4. Servers are fast and downloads are resumable (though UI looks terrible)
    Note: Non JIO users need to sign up with GMail or Facebook.

Sharing Some useful codes here :




Pitty there’s no sign up form to become a Jio user, couldn’t find any place to enter the above referral codes, and the windows app log in doesn’t work making this whole thing useless (trying to log in with a Google account from the Windows app shows a browser error and Google says it can’t log you in, hence won’t work)

Uninstalling, and forgetting about it - it’s too non-intuitive and buggy considering its age.

Thanks for the share anyway.

P.S. and when I tried to leave feedback on their website, the feedback form hid away from me so that I can’t type anything - overall bad design and bad designers :roll_eyes:

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Bonus quota earned using the referral program will have a validity of 720 days from the date of credit. If unutilized, it will cease to exist and will not be renewed under any circumstances.

What are they trying to say? Anyone can describe me well?

True, the Web & App design is hideous…
and Layout of settings are buggy.
But the servers are pretty fast compared to other Indian based file sharing like UpIndia and IndiShare etc…

Also Storage Bonus Totals upto 65GB with all benefits combined,

What use if the Windows app login doesn’t work? For I can’t use that space without the app :slight_smile:

The extra space you get from referrals is not permanent. So if you don’t use the extra space, it will be deleted after 2 years.

Thanks, man.
Here is a referral code to help you guys: X3YXLV

Thanks for the share. In case you got max limit reached for above codes, you can use this : YC872F

Thanks, man.
Here is a referral code to help you guys: YC8Z82

If no code works.
Try this YC872F

I don’t get it. You might as well signup for a free account, they give you free 50GB encrypted.

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