Jdownloader alternative to downloading from google drive?

I used to use jdownloader to pull from google drive but lately it seems to error saying account is missing - looking up on their forums it appears its a known ongoing issue >_<


does anyone have any alternatives to bulk downloading large quantities of files off of google drive? I searched github and found some promising repos but all still quite buggy


i got this from one of the post from onehack post .

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Check the alternatives from these:


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SmartFTP or FileZilla PRO

Use Air explorer

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CYBERDUCK for Windows or MAC

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thanks this seems to be a great work around esp as its a free solution!!!

yah i found that one too it seems like it links t your personal drive but i was honestly too leary to test giving my loging credentials to a random site >_< :stuck_out_tongue:

i felt the same first but now i feel really comfortable with it.Well if u find anything better do let me know

guys i am not able to download from my google drive, it is throwing an error.
please help

I did get that error when i was over the daily bandwidth limit - try from a different share heheheh we are trying to download the same thing :smiley: