Issue: Microsoft Word 2016 is missing pages

Hello everyone,

I have a bit of a head-scratcher issue. When Word opens a file in page layout mode some pages don’t show up. When you switch to web layout or read mode all the pages show up.

windows 7
office pro 2016 cracked version.

for example:
word file has total 8 pages
in page layout mode you only see 4 pages.
Switch to web or read mode you see all 8 pages
This happens to all words file and all user using the pc have the same issue.

I tried googling but most cases aren’t resolved and the issue limits itself to 1 file not all files as in my case

Things I’ve I tried with no result:

  • Repair office
  • uninstall- reinstall MS Office
  • Run system restore
  • Runs virus scan :
    Eset scan
    hitman pro (but trail version only scans)
    adware cleaner
    none of the scans I’ve run as of now have revealed anything

I’m running out of ideas the only thing I can think of is reinstall windows as a whole

you should install the openoffice chrome extension and then try to open your file in the chrome browser.
if it fails there also,then surely your file is corrupted.
otherwise,hopefully you will be able to open the file in google chrome

This isn’t a problem with just one file it’s with all my files. That’s so weird about. If it was one file it would mean it was corrupted but all the word files can’t be corrupted.

edit: Honestly I just gave up and reinstalled OS from scratch. I was just running out of ideas and it worked

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