IS there anyway to resolve IDM error issue

Is there any way to resolve IDM error HTTP/1.1403 Forbidden issue

that particular file cant be downloaded with idm. they have high streaming security. that is not idm issue. idm do not support downloading those particular file types although you may see the icon, letting you download but you can’t download those file types using idm.

yea i was downloading from This website. Somehow it IDM did not able to capture or download the Video and i got that Error.

but luckily i tried using cookie method And using Developer tool somehow i managed To download a video File but unfortunately its unplayable in any Video player… it shows .mp4 extension but still unplayable…

i m hoping there is no wway to download the file i should Screen-record for its courses.
let me know if you know any good Screen-recorder which will work on Hotstar/amazon prime bcz i think this website security same as Premium websites.

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i am using screencastifyme on chrome. it works great… records in the background too and generates very small high quality size though premium … but you can keep working in background… screenrecorders like camtasia works when you keep the screen open and idle … lets it record it… but screencastify works even if you minimize the tab or open new tab

Screen castify not-working in this website …does not able to record video only audio is recording.

any more suggestion.

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then best is camtasia …

will help if required

??? what does it mean will help

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i don’t know

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