Is there any way to not let anyone to record my calls?

Is there any way to not let anyone to record my calls ?

Just saying, why would you call someone if you know they are recording your calls? and why would someone records your call if they are trustworthy.

Anyway, You have no way to stop them from using an app or other devices to record the calls . You can tell them not to do it. many peoples have asked this question on many platforms but no exact solution available so far, call comes as a voice and the voice can always be recorded. Just like you can’t stop someone from recording while you speak to them If you’re concerned about the security of your voice calls you’ll need to ensure that you only talk to people you trust not to record your calls.


  1. Encode your voice into a scrambled format, which the other person then records, decodes, and plays in plain speak. The biggest issue would be ensuring the quality of the scrambled message so the decoder produces something understandable.

  2. If I say so, some mobile services allow you to do that, and for this, you need some special permission from Your Mobile Service Provider i.e. Airtel, Jio, idea, Vodafone, BSNL.

To stop your calls from being recorded you need to submit an application to your service provider in which a Ruling Minister or MP or MLA must request to Stop call recording of the Number.

Ask your operator if they can do that for you, (see if they can block those specific numbers)

  1. There must be an app that must check and tell you if the person uses a recorder or not.

Bottom line: You can’t prevent anyone to record the conversation. Period. It’s something you wish but there is no hope, where there is hope then no solution, anyway, some android apps says it can do the deed, but mostly it failed. some apps let you know they are recording and catch like ‘‘Robokiller’’, and some apps allow them to record calls, deep shit going on, lol so try to use a different calling tool, such as Skype, Whatsapp, etc, else use the landline.

As I said, why would you call someone who records? and if he/she does, limit your conversation, don’t let them record anything that causes issues where you regret later-on. That’s all…

Lastly, who knows the next generation would get rid of it…stay tuned, let’s see if anyone has a temp solution if I missed anything.

Happy Learning! :heart: