Is team drive dangerous to keep your data?

i want to know that which process is good for saving your data by having a edu mail from some university or just a team drive .

i had an edumail from aims uni of america but it is self deleted after a week . and after that

i made a team drive account by using this post [LEAK] Unlimted Google Drive Space, Team-drive Method Leaked.
then i got a team drive/shared drive from city college of san francisco . i want to ask that for what period
i have the team drive or when it will be expired. if anyone have the answer please share with us.

Thank you in advance

First of all, if you don’t have a legit student Edu email you can never be assured that your data will be there (edu drive + Team drive) for a long time.

It is like enjoy while it lasts but don’t be surprised when it gets busted out of blue and your data is gone and yes it happens quite frequently.

so what you can do is: -
1.never store sensitive data on them but can store media-related content.
2.avoid public link sharing so that it doesn’t get noticed and reported.
3.always keep backup on other Edu mail of NOT MUCH KNOWN college since the chance of it going down is less.


I think if you want to store sensitive data on TeamDrive , just archive that data using 7-zip or something like that and use strong password.

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I didn’ t upload any illegal stuff but still lost access to my Shared Drive.
The reason I suspect behind is that I’ve used around 1TB and I used to upload files regularly up to 30GB.Better Avoid all this. The best way is to buy a plan from Google if your files are important. And also it’s not safe because in both, Shared Drives and Educational Accounts administrators can lookup your data. I may be wrong but avoid this if possible. I was doing the same with my University’s Account and they also blocked my access latter after some explanation I gained it back. But It was a hell to go through.

Just today I found this app called Cryptomator you should look up. It encrypts your data if you want to put anything personal on a cloud drive.

As for the shared drives I use Google Drive so much I got my own Gsuite account. I put so much stuff in those drives it’s worth the storage space. I pay for that and like a dollar for raidrive to mount all the drives on my computer and use them as hard drives. I also prefer the privacy and freedom. I use the edu accounts for stuff like the developer pack instead.