Is shared google drive "SAFE"?

There are some posts in which uploader has posted unlimited google drive for a free or cheap price and almost all shared drives are from educational institutes, So is it safe to link your account with them to get more cloud storage?

I’ve joined a shared drive about a couple of months ago and I haven’t encountered any privacy and data leak issue but if you really know about shared drives and how educational shared drive operates then do let me know.

Unknown if the Google Team Drive will closed or banned! No one should be able to guarantee it.

So you shouldn’t upload important documents or family pics.

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won’t be able to put hundreds of TB of data in the shared drives (yes university team drives with more than 400TB will be terminated but this is unclear if shared drives will be deleted or limited)

These changes will take effect in July 2022

Learn more :

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They are generating teamdrives with a simple phyton script what you can download from GutHub.

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only if the drive is legitimately acquired

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Hey bro. what do you think of google drive that sellers are selling on onehacks for 15$ or 10$ will they last after 2022 i mean my data will be safe after 2022 policy?

you can instead use

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Hey sir!

Yes they gonna work, because you know they are selling private GSuite accs. Not TeamDrive. :smiley:

No it wont, they are using a gsuite education super admin account and the policy changes will apply to it as well

But if you buy from NPO admin it’s will work. Cause the changes only take effect to Education section.

You can see the changes on Google site what I linked in to the learn more section.

Yes but generally majority of the accounts being sold here are gsuite education accounts.

Speaking of privacy, things can be protected from the preying eyes of the admins via rclone encryption to obfuscate the contents one has but only problem here is that if way too much of it on cloud then Google can mark one’s account as spam and terminate it

I bought it from a guy who gave me the proof that it is Enterprise so will my data will be safe?

Nobody know if the google shared drive will live, and how many time, but bigger problem is the admin can look in there.
So, if you want keep there personal or sensible data the best way is encrypt them
I use Cryptomator, is secure and free


Good idea sir!


Thanks for suggestion

It is also not safe to purchase a Gdrive private account. I used to be a member of a forum where two guys were selling Gdrive Unlimited. The guys sold more than 200 accounts, and one day the drive was suspended and the guys ran away.

Ye cause someone uploaded a chld p0rn. And all the accounts get suspended. Currently waiting for Googles review.

I am referring to someone who is not a member of this forum.

Well, in terms of keeping everything you upload on the google servers, and knowing a snapshot of everything you uploaded will remain there forever, I would trust it with my life. lol :rofl:

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if I’m the only member in a shared drive ( that’s what the drive is showing me btw) and I’m changing the folder access to only me, even then admin can see the folder and files inside it?

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