Is it possible to unlock Samsung A10s that has pin and face recognition?

Hi Onehack,

I need some help.
A friend of mine her father died and they want to access his phone. As the titles states it’s samsung A10s.
The phone has a pin and facial recognition lock.
I wanted to know if it was possible to unlock the phone.
Anyone with advice if it’s possible and also how.

Thanks in advance for any information given.

Bro, there are mainly two methods one is fully reset the phone in that case your all data will be wiped up.
The second one is you have to find a Samsung store and request them to unlock it. These two methods can help you but the chances of success are more when you go to the store and request them. Otherwise, every android phone has jailbreak, but for this, you must be into coding, hacking… etc Main thing is if you have to gain access legally then go to the store or reset it. Other than this if you want to access it illegally then try it with your knowledge, for example, you can access your phone through Linux and jailbreak it for this you need to know about Linux and coding as simple as that. Or find somebody who can help you to jailbreak in the phone legally. Many people are available in markets who can do this for money. You can find them in local markets like phone or computer shops. If you want to reset the phone, you can also go for it as data recovery can be done. But this will cost you a huge amount and for that also you have to go and lookup for an expert, as if you mess up in single-step BOOM! All gone! If you have a memory card in your phone then it will be much more beneficial to you as all your data will be safe. In that case just change the device and continue.

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Even if you are doing hard reset (wipe) you will need to have username, password of the last attached google account (and in some cases Samsung account) to the device. Otherwise you’ll have to flash firmware and bypass FYP.

My best advice is to let the expert do. but you can also do this by yourself if you have some basic knowledge of computers and mobiles. You can watch tutorials for your device model. Only try by yourself if the data in the device is not your priority.


you can check this website to unlock your phone it must me frp lock you can unlock with the tools that is provied in the website,thanks.