Is anyone udacity course got cancelled even after completing the course

Did anyone nanodegree got cancelled because one of my friend got a mail today that your nano degree is cancelled even he got the certificate but now certificate URL is not opening because it is only for Europe.
There is one difference that he entered Indian Address during payment.

While making the Udacity account, did you use VPN or not? Because if you use a VPN and choose suppose USA as the country while making an account then at the payment page during enrolling, the country field remains uneditable. So at that time, the address can only be of USA. In your case, if the country remained as India, then you would have given Indian address and thus they might ruled out that the deal was not for your region. I am just guessing this could be a scenario.

No mine is not cancelled. He is one of my friend whose degree is got cancelled and yes he used VPN but he used Indian address during payment.
I am asking whether it is going to cancel for everyone or he is just an exception.

I too paid from Indian card but my address is of USA because I live here so it is possible that billing address can create an issue.

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But like I said, if you used a VPN then how come at the billing page, your country was India? It should have been one of the countries …right?

I don’t think so because after using VPN you can enter any address. It was just my thinking because i used US address and he is my friend who informed me about his situation.

And I believe this made the difference. Billing address is all what goes on the records.

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Ok thanks for info