Is Amazon Funzone Prizes and winners Real?

Has anyone ever won anything on Amazon Fun zone lucky draw games like Spin and Win, Quiz etc. ?
They also have winners list for every day, are those real Names or not?


Well tried several times but nothing and no one from my friends ( almost all of them are regular amazon customers ) got nothing

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you try flipkart, earn gems by playing games, convert them to supercoins and use them purchase goods with supercoin discount.

and important to note about amazon or flipkart is that, you must answer the questions as soon as it get posted. (fastest finger first)

Short version : it’s very unlikely that something like this actually does happen but it’s not impossible
Long version : Honestly , personally speaking I would say it’s all a bunch of lies,I mean no one would be crazy enough to give a car or an I phone just for spinning a wheel or answering some ridiculously common things right but that’s the thing, is the amount of traffic they are generating being monetised in ways we don’t know yet ? We only see their most direct earnings right , and the only indirect one maybe they’re showing their increase in traffic to other investors or using that number in ways we can’t even think of .
Also if this was completely ridiculous why has no one filed any major lawsuit and even if they have why haven’t we heard about it, maybe they do reward some people in some way or form if they even do, but I still don’t think they’re giving off large amounts of money or expensive stuff just for playing these games


Amazon have been doing these for more than 2+ years.

the username and phone number of winners is given in the winners section.
I haven’t won big prizes but i think I got few rupees for winning a spin wheel.
I think it’s legit otherwise people will catch them easily.