Intro Into Reverse Engineering | Beginners Friendly

All-in-all, my purpose of this thread is to direct new people to the community in the right direction for learning a new skill.

Below are a few sources that I have found helpful to learn Reverse Engineering, along with my general analysis of the material.


  • Random’s Tutorials - http://octopuslabs.i…g/tutorial.html
    • Teaches some great tricks that reverse engineers use in order to ‘crack’ certain types of applications.
    • ​Very concise, he targets the critical things we must look for inside an application, while not overwhelming the audience with information.
    • With the purpose of only enlightening the audience of “Need-to-know” methods, the tutorials contain some information ‘gaps’ that some people need in order to fully comprehend the concepts.
  • Lena’s Reversing Tutorials -…oad.php?list.17
    • ​Assumes that the audience has little to no experience in Reverse Engineering and slowly progresses into more difficult concepts.
    • Many people denounce this source as a credible reference due to the sole fact that it is completely outdated information.
  • “Reverse Engineering for Beginners” by Dennis Yurichev -
    • ​A great resource to have around, it endeavors in all you need to know and more! Not only does it teach you theories around the concepts of Reverse Engineering, it also applies practical application.
    • Despite having everything you need in one resource, the book is extensively long and in my opinion not very beginner friendly unless you have intermediate programming knowledge prior.


My only hope is that this community uses these references (if needed) and their ambition to learn Reverse Engineering in order to bring more contributions to the site.

Happy learning!


thanks man