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Nathan Aston - Integromat Automation Course

Through popular request I’ve decided to build an entire Automation Course on how I build automations with Integromat/Make.

The course will cover real world applications with complete walkthroughs and templates.

  • Introduction to Integromat
  • Introduction to APIs
  • How to Scrape TikTok and Instagram Profiles
  • Building a OnlyFans Profile Scraper
  • Building a Instagram Follower Growth Tracker for your agency
  • Building a Reddit Post Scheduling App
  • Advanced LinkedIn Automation with built in Email Sending
  • Email Finder + Validation Automation
  • Airtable Database Structure + Automation
  • How to Trigger Automations from your phone and Apple Shortcuts
  • Building a Automated TikTok to YouTube Compilation Generator
  • Building an Automation Content Generator that turns blog posts into Instagram Content

Knowing how to build bots and automate processes has been an absolute game-changer throughout my career.

It allows you to approach problems in a way that most people simply aren’t even aware of and scale far quicker than your competitors.

Automation and programming has been an amplifier throughout all of my projects, and I apply it in all of my businesses no matter the niche.


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