Instagram Terminal Feed | Without Color Stealth Mode

Instagram Terminal Feed

Without Color (Stealth Mode - Recommended using it during work :smirk:)

With Color

What is this?

Sometimes checking your instagram during work is kind of strange, so why not check your instagram inside your terminal? OK… I know checking this during work is still strange… :expressionless: To be honest, I did this just for pure fun.

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Getting Started


pip3 install -r requirements.txt

After pip installing run the below:

# Without Color
# With Color
python3 --color

Just that easy!! :sunglasses:


  • 2FA implemented (2018.03.31)


For the username and password part, I promise you it is safe even if you save it. The username/password will only be saved locally in the file called credential.json. You can also just don’t save it which is the default option.

You can check this out in the source code. :innocent:


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • Thanks to racega for inspiring me for the login functions
  • Thanks to nilesr for the printing to ascii part
  • Thanks to hit9 for the color printing to ascii part