Instagram Story Remove Method

Story Remove method

Hate, Bullying , Self , Violent,Spam Spam= if u see words like Selling , Sold, Sale, Buying On a post or story. report it for spam and then from another device or from safari report for hate speech

Story Remove (Self, Sale illegal) Self: (€ 1x Self) Vouches 1x self Words Like sold, Sale, Selling, Buying on a post) Sale illegal: ($ 1x Sale Illegal) Words like Meth 1x Sale Illegal)

Hate Speech = words like banning,
banned, ban, 666, devil, closed, common swear words are deemed hate speech. report 1 hatespeech and it will get removed.

Bullying-me = if you got tagged on a story .
,if you see joy on a story If someone write leak , or any bad words And Story’s that don’t go under that category Report All Storys Violent Treaht 80%it got removed

The best accounts for that are 2012 and old report account.
please note = reporting stories u won’t get the notification. so to check this go to settings, help, support requests > reports
Also : 9am - 4pm is the timing for the report

  • Use instander or instapro


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