Instagram Help Needed! Reporting harassment & bullying

Someone has created a fake account on Instagram and posted some nude pics along with some general real pics. How can I save my family from this?

Please help!!!


Shame, as I have seen many other peoples going through this matter!

The question remains, why the Fu–k you guys let anyone access your family images or personal data? (You have the ability to control privacy no matter what service you use) don’t you believe we live on a planet where you can meet 1000 types of different natures and kinds, especially on the internet while showing off families happy time to others to gather interest (why peoples do that in public), we are human being can trust anyone I know, but remember this…

Salt and Sugar have the same colors — Trust none or trust one, it does make sense!


  • Report that bastard get IG customer service support, talk to them.
  • If it failed, Call the police, they have the ability to reach to such things
  • And wipe every other picture from the public areas if you have thrown them anywhere.

Remember, some jerks born to mess up with people’s life and ruins the peace, it’s their job that gives them energy, no one can teach them anything.


Thank you for those words @SaM.

Trying to report to IG support!

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