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I do have an old Instagram account but the email is not linked with it. Now, I am unable to login to Instagram with the phone number. I tried resetting my account with the help of phone number but Instagram sends the link to the number but on clicking it redirects to the login page. Can anyone suggest what are the other steps that i can follow?

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It’s very frustrating working with locked accounts And what’s even more annoying is that Instagram doesn’t have a support desk for this. I’ve gone through the same thing and imo you should just make an new acc and secure it properly. You could also try and open that link on a PC and see if that works.

Dang, that’s so lame, bro. It’s a bit difficult now that Facebook absorbed Instagram. Before there was more of a direct approach toward user recovery. Also some accounts simply vanish, so it wouldn’t hurt to actually search for your username again.

You could try to go back to your login and click Forgot Password and input your old username. Then it should send you a txt or email of the linked account. If you received a text link, be sure to have the text open in a private browser (if possible) and not the app.

Follow the instructions they give you, and you’ll be able to change your password.

If for some reason you cannot access your page and are taken to the login screen again, then you will have to contact customer support. I suggest calling because it’s easier. Also, check your spam folder for any confirmation emails from Instagram.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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