Instagram Account Reselling | Working Method ✨

I have a method to selling Instagram accounts for some profit. (Side note: You can do this for many types of accounts)

So first off you may need an initial investment of at least $10 or more depending on what account your trying to sell. In this case I’ll talk about Instagram.

Step 1: Create a new Instagram account (don’t bullshit the account / put some effort into the main look) Once you’ve created the account follow a few people to get the account going a bit.

Step 2: Head Over to This Website: ( ) Create an account and deposit the $10 into the account via Crypto. (If you have crypto you can skip to Step 4)

Step 3: If you don’t have crypto, they accept Paypal payments. Visit the support section of the site quoted in Step 2. Send them this message exactly how I did ------> “Can I add funds via PayPal and if so how can I?” vvvvv | They don’t respond too fast so give them a while and they’ll respond with this exact message. | vvvvv

" Hello there , .

Thank you for contacting us; please read the following before sending payment via PayPal:

1-Make sure that you send payment as Family and Friends on PayPal and not by any other method.
2-Always send payment with the provided note.
3-After you pay, send the transaction ID.

PayPal Email: (email may change but it will show up)

Note: Thank you bro "

Once they get the transaction ID, they will deposit the funds into your account.

Step 4: Once the funds are in your account. Head over to Instagram and copy your profile link. After you’ve copied your link, go back to ( ) and choose Services section. I’d personally choose the [??? Instagram Followers [90 Days Refill] [High Quality] [Best] [Instant] ??? for 0.95 per 1000 ] (I chose this for the “high quality” so that’s why I said have minimum $10) Next, click on New Order and select the Category of “High Quality” and choose the one I quoted earlier in this Step. Once that’s done just paste your link in the Link box and for quantity type in 10000.

Step 5: Congratulations, your order will be processed in around 5 minutes. You’ll notice as soon as you see your Instagram notifications blow up.

Step 6: Repeat this for many accounts and start selling them on Ebay, Instagram or any other quick selling site honestly. I’d recommend telling friends and family first and then branching out. NOW these ARE fake followers and you’d definitely be able to tell BUT most people don’t even care, they just want the follower look. That’s basically it!

Now I’ll make another post soon talking about how to actually market your page with these SMM services and get more and more views playing with Instagram’s algorithm. Thanks and don’t forget to leave a like on this post if it helped you!

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