[Inquire] HDD Space Extension

Recently I heard there is a business going on by extending HDD hard drive spaces and extending its space literally from GBs to TB using some soft handmade software. Does anyone have any idea about or hint on such a matter?

I don’t think so, if thats happening then you’re literally playing with your data, compression is a thing but it can’t save that much space, in old times there was a software named pendrive patch which makes 4gb pendrive 16gb and that too on some pen drives only and after that patch pendrive will not work.

One more thing there is a way to create VHD in windows through disk management but that too save files on your Actual HDD, for Example on your 100GB Free Space C: Drive you created one VHD with 500 GB or 1 TB Space, but in real time your that VHD can only save Data equals to Free space available on your C: Drive to save more data i guess you have to attach one more HDD with more space or can attach 2nd partition with more space