India's Economic Crisis 2019: How to Survive? | Dhruv Rathee Interviews Gaurav Rastogi

India’s Economic Crisis 2019: How to Survive? | Dhruv Rathee Interviews Gaurav Rastogi

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Dhruv rathi? LOL


Joker posting video of a joker , hum… Sounds interesting. But he is an a**s hole , like Deepak kalal. Over hyping indian economy as if situations are worse than venezuela .


I am not a fan of that guy, but the points he covered as interviewer was what I learned from my experience, so I thought 1Hackers should have a look at it, because he explained economic in simple points and precaution as well.


Onehack sharing dhruv tatti video. OMG!


I don’t know why all of a sudden you want 1hack users to be aware of economics of India. When there is slump all over the world. Even in China. But you should have also posted videos of some Chinese thinktanks(and many others) who were surprised by the gdp growth rate of India during 2014-2018 . It’s still there in newspapers. The moral of the story is " don’t try to make a false narrative against indian economy " . We know it’s down so be it. Bad days are not permanent nor are good days. India will recover again.

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The purpose of the video is to get useful knowledge from Gaurav Rastogi’s experience, like don’t take loans, credit and so on… but you only grasp the negativity, anyways it’s your point of view and action to express your love towards your country, but purpose of the video is totally different, Thank you! :slight_smile:


Oh my god so many andhbhakts our gdp is at 4.5% as per modi formula.if they apply congress formula it will be 2.5% chutiye modi bhakts u will destroy india come to ur sense


Dhruv Rahtee is a stooge of Kejriwal and Biased as hell!

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wtf, why you need to shit politics every where ?

Please don’t post political stuffs here. These videos are backed by dirty politicians. We should focus on our job, not on these shits!

Kindly remove it.

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like seriously ?

Seriously man …?
Want to make onehack a political platform

Thanks for the video @TheJoker. And to all who got butthurt watch the frigging video.
99 percent of the video was apolitical in nature.
The video was an interview between Dhruv and Gaurav Rastogi, CEO of Kuvera app.
Here are some of the points for all the snowflakes who got easily triggered.

  1. Do not take loan or depend on credit cards. (recipe for disaster)
  2. Maintain a emergency fund - savings for a year of expenses (rainy day corpus)
  3. Do not over consume
  4. Be the best in your job so Always Be Learning
  5. Maximize your earnings
  6. How to strategically yet ethically ask for a salary raise from your Boss
  7. Do not launch a startup because it’s cool rather have a novel or a better idea.
  8. The country should decide to focus on becoming either a libertarianism or a socialism or capitalism
  9. The government should be less trigger happy. Bringing in appeals only to be repealed. eg. was angel tax, GST
  10. Common man should should follow Earn Save and Invest
  11. Slow returns in investing Gold and Real Estate - multi-generational
  12. Pitfalls of Mutual Fund if it follows “return chasing”
  13. Advantages of Mutual Funds and how investments grow over time

Also there was a patreon question - Where do India stand if China is at manufacturing, America at R&D, Singapore at Transport. Where do India excel. G.Rastogi said that is a really nice question but he has no answer.

Once again thanks a lot @TheJoker.


Just a perfect reply! :+1:


Indeed @TheJoker , he did it perfectly, in fact, @Super_Learner Really considered and reviewed such things that no one else have noticed besides focusing on politics, Thank you mate for bringing down the main points for learners.

Have a nice day Folks :blush:

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