Increse screen refresh rate

Is there any way to increse screen refesh rate from 60 to 90Hz withou rooting phone.

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If you have a phone that has a screen that is 90 Hz capable it can be set up in the settings this setting is often variable that is it will have 90 Hz refresh rate depending on the app and the battery level. To set up full on high refresh rate you need adb and in case of say OnePlus phone it takes one liner in adb console:

adb shell settings put global oneplus_screen_refresh_rate 0

None of this needs rooting, to clarify though you can’t just take an older phone that doesnt have that feature and magically enable it, the chemistry of the screen simply will not give you a decent quality image with high refresh rate. I know there are certain monitors that allow you to increase refresh rate if you lower the resolution drastically but in case of phones (that do not have high refreshrate screens) going from 60 to 90 hz with image at a reasonable level is simply impossible.


Phone does not support 90 Hz. But i wanna increse refresh rate. Please provide me method

You phone must have 90hz supported screen already. Without that you cannot simply increase the refresh rate through software.
This is like people searching google for “how to download more RAM?”