Increase Youtube Views/Subscribers, Make While You Sleep!

Step 1
Visit this website:
Sign up then go to your RDP. Install firefox and login with the account you just created.

Step 2
Once logged in with your google account (recommend using clone or dump account. Don’t use your main)
Setup an auto mouse clicker i recommend delay 6-9s for the page to load properly. Then set it up for auto click on “Subscribe” button.
Every sub you got 25 credit for that. (Just google if you don’t know what auto mouse clicker is).

Step 3

Once you reach 100 credit. Create your first campaign there
and select campaign type you want to increase VIEW/SUB/LIKE and fill all the info then save it.
Now here’s the good part.

Go get your link for every refferal sign up with your link. You’ll get 2000 credit and 10% commission of them.

BOUNS: Once you have over 4,000 points, cashout by clicking Loyalty Program(located on the left hand menu) , then Prizes. There you can choose if you want the money to be paid into your paypal account or paid in bitcoin.

ENJOY! :blush:


any other website other then viewgrid? i am using viewgrid since last 2 days. i need more views lol Back in the day, I used to create bot scripts for getting points here :relieved: time passes by fast…

Did you use RDP if yes then which one ?

no i did not use any

Where is the bonus section aka Loyalty section. I didn’t find it on the dashboard menu

does it work? it doesn’t

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Site works fine. Bot, I don’t know. I think you get 50 free points on signup. After that you have various ways to get more points (watching yt videos etc…)

i just made account and when i am clicking on youtube link on the left, it automatically brings me back to home page of website and i have to relogin there again. keeps happening same. login – login dashboard account – click on youtube or any other link there – home page again – login …

btw do you know any other website?

Nope, i don’t know of any other.

[ btw to check if it’s working, I logged into my account, liked a few yt videos, got 90 points. Then added my yt video for likes (set 1 like to 10 points), and have already got 5 like in 2 minutes. Maybe your adBlock/browser/isp or something is causing issues…idk]

oh thank u… my adblock was preventing it… now it allows me to see that page… will try shortly…

I made 5k points via actions but there is no way to withdraw them from the account. Help me here

Hi @SaM
First of all, thank you very much for sharing your work with us,
Any I will need a help,since I do not have a RDP,what I can do?
Thanks in advance

will give a try… thank u dear…

this admefast works really awesome speed… but viewgrid is more of automatic… i wish if this website having so many active members be automatic… but people are unsubscribing … nearly 30% of people unsubscribed me on the 1st day … lol

do you know any other website? please share

you can use their auto feature in the extension… no need to use manual clicking or any mouse auto clicker


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