In need of a portifolio

Hello guys, i have got a chance to work in my dream company but they are asking for a portfolio and i don’t have enough. Its software comapny and they need to see softwares and mobile applications i have designed so far but i have only two. Can one help me out of how i can get some work to present?
Thank you in advance.

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I can Help you out on this situation

PMed you already

There are many platform where you can showcase your work.
For example:
Github [For Programming Projects]
Dribbble | Behance | Artstation | Davientart [For UI/UX | Arts Projects]
Codepen | jsFiddle [Playground for the front-end side of the web, can be used as Portfolio too :grin: :grin: :grin:]

Take courses from Udemy [PAID and Subject Area [Every-thing]] | Coursera [Free and Paid] | Code Academy | Free Code Camp | Youtube | etc. etc… With these platform, you can get the certificates and they can be added to your portfolio as well making your portfolio even stronger.

As you have said you need a platform to showcase your Software and Mobile App Designs, I suggest you use Dribbble.

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I suggest doing a udemy course on your target language which involves a few projects as well, and then you can put them on your portfolio. Put your work on GitHub and make a website for portfolio.

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I created my porfolio in just 15 minutes with react framwork gatsby with its prebuild themes.

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Can you please help me create mine ?