ImWarriorTools Courses Leak | VIP 2021 ⭐

Around 1000 Courses Leak Of ImWarriorTools VIP 2021 (By: mixwayz)

Each line has a Course Link along with Downloads Link

Download or View online


Happy learning!


@SaM This is one of the best posts of this week. :slight_smile:
I propose this to be pinned. Thank you SaM!


Thank you so much for sharing


Thank you.

What’s the password for mega files?
Have used that is given in the post but that’s not working.
Thanks for sharing.

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First of all, thanks for the awesome post.
I went through a few links, seem link all links are password protected except those from Google Drive.

Does anyone has the password for box, dropbox, mega etc links?

Thank you for the fantastic share

Some noobs will think its just a txt file which some links :rofl:
But contains more than 11k courses uploaded on different platforms like gdrive, Mega ,Onedrive and Dropbox
That text file worth thousands of dollars. :grinning:
use password - for dropbox and onedrive

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