Improving Your Download Speed - Tutorial

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I am seeing a reduction year on year of standards on Bit Torrent regarding average swarm speeds and an increasing percentage of peers who cannot download as speeds little above that of dial-up and fractions of a MegaBit or MB. Most internet providers give you a more generous download bandwidth to the upload speeds you can achieve. Most people should be able to download at 1.25 MB/s or 10 megabits per second (10 Mbps). Other popular ISP bandwidth download options are 2.5 MB/s or 20 megabits per second, 3.75 MB/s (30 Mbps), 6.25 MB/s (50 Mbps) 12.5 MB/s (100 Mbps) or even faster.

IF YOU NEVER SEE any torrent download at near these speeds perhaps the following may help you, Not sure if this may help you 100% but this the best experiment by experts around as well me. lol
anyways, Let’s continue…

1. Do not overload your bit torrent client by running more than 1 downloading torrent at any time.

Why? Well, each downloading torrent opens up at least 2 upload slots to the swarm and often a lot more. You upload bandwidth is more restricted by your ISP and often only 1 tenth of your download allocation. It is very precious and the more you upload to any swarm, the more peers will download bits to you in addition to any seed or seeds. You get a faster download if you can upload to the swarm is the vital message here.

If you are running more than one download at the same time, your upload bandwidth to each swarm is divided by the number of active downloads until you have nothing or very little to give. This is a simplification of course but you get the picture I am sure. It is the law of ever decreasing returns for each active download you run at the same time.

2. Never restrict or reduce your upload speed.

Why? Other peers in any swarm will not be keen to upload to you if you can not upload to them or communicate with them in a timely manner.

In years gone past torrent trackers used HTTP to communicate. This took loads of upload bandwidth away from the client and you had to restrict your upload bandwidth by 15 to 30% or you would throttle your download speeds.

All trackers now use UDP which is a leaner system using less upload bandwidth and it is also self-regulating to an extent that unrestricted upload bandwidths are not so bothersome now.

If you are worried to try this simple experiment:

Pick a very popular torrent, say the latest blockbuster movie or TV series where the tracker shows more seeds than peers. I often find the larger sized downloads such as a 1080 pixel HD episode of say Game of Thrones are faster than the standard resolution (smaller) torrent of the same episode. Set your bit torrent client upload/download speeds to unlimited.

Remove all torrents from your BitTorrent client (you can put them back again after) and reboot your computer. Open up your test torrent in your client and observe your download speed. It should climb slowly until you reach the highest point. That point may or may not be your download bandwidth limit, that is not important. It is this next part that is:
Observe your upload speed to other peers in the swarm. As your upload speed is unlimited you may find you are at or near your upload bandwidth limit. Throttle it back a little in small increments until you see your download speed peak. Move your upload speed either side of this point until you get the magic upload maximum figure for your connection. Set your bit torrent client to that maximum upload limit. Remember it takes time for each adjustment to ripple through all the peers who are uploading to you. Their upload is your download speed.

You can repeat this with other torrents until you are sure you have got the sweet upload maximum speed spot. Job has done.

Enjoy your faster download speeds on all torrents from now on. Just remember running only one download at a time makes sense. You should also be careful on how many active seeding torrents you are running as they all consume upload bandwidth, CPU and hard drive time. As a rule, when you get a fast download you should see your seeding torrent upload speed throttle way back. This is normal. If you can try to never run more than 1 seed and 1 downloading torrent for the best balance between upload and download speeds. thanks all.

Remember, this tut is about Improving speed, not increasing speed, Because: You can’t get download & upload speed more than Internet Service bandwidth you have by your Internet Service Providers. Ask Your Internet Service Provider To increase bandwidth. Cheers FTU’ers!

Happy Learning! :blush:

Regards, SaM


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Its been 3 days still not completed

Utorrent settings - Upload / Download unlimited
Internet connection - 50mbps
I don’t know its just uploading like forever
And downloading in kbs

Use a Computer; mine finished in a matter of minutes.

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