IMDb Top Movies of All Time | @TheJoker List 🎥

The placement is not from the best to the worst, but I liked all these movies, so no rating, just my favs! :heart:


Thriller Movies

Science Fiction Movies

Action Movies

Shooting/Combat Kinda Movies

Fighting Movies

Animation Hero Kinda Movies

Jungle/Adventure/Nature Kinda Movies

Western Culture Movies

Money/Business Related Movies

Easy Watching Drama Movies

Comedy Movies

Religious Movies


I’ll update more as soon as I remember em!

Kindly use this thread to check on TheJoker’s favorite movies list, If anyone wants to see people’s Recommendations, what they have seen, and what their review is, Kindly check this thread: [DISCUSSION] What Are You Watching Or Have You Seen? All further chit-chat may rest there.


Can you please upload the collection so we can watch them

LOL, this is just a List to let you know about Top movies, If you need one, Just use Youtube, else search on torrent sites to Grab them. that’s all. :+1:


Loved how you changed the face in the image, after the fact. xD

Love your horror collection am a big fan!
Add- The autopsy of jane doe
the cult of chucky
Get out:heart:
it follows
the babadook
Better watch out


Thank you, I will watch this movie for sure and then add it to the list! :slight_smile:


Thanks, @TheJoker for recommendation.guys if there any recommend movies to watch, please share with us.

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If you want to see peoples Recommendation, what have they seen or watching, Kindly follow this thread: [DISCUSSION] What Are You Watching Or Have You Seen? you can share your thoughts and review on that thread.


Thanks @SaM

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Don’t mind but ain’t a bollywood movie is supposed to be in hindi?
Thanks for the list btw :wink:

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There are a Bunch of movies available in English even they are made by Bollywood. that’s why he meant that.


I meant to say, there are bollywood movies available in English lang too, but some movies are not available in English dubbed version yet, that’s y BUT in Hindi I wrote!


@TheJoker Got it brother! :sweat_smile:

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Have you seen

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woooow, i dont ecpect the 10 commandments, one of the greatest of all time, thanks Buddy @TheJoker

LOL! @Top_Coder ! :joy: :joy:
Epic reply by @SaM , You should start thinking about adding a movie encoding site to FTU family :joy:

Good taste of movies @TheJoker . As Expect from joker only The Dark Knight from batman series in the list !!


Sounds interesting let me cover such things, don’t panic it is just normal chat, Well, first thing first, If we start doing everything on Planet, then what would others do? :man_facepalming: Mark my words mate!

There are a bunch of thing behind the scene to consider besides just saying, and thinking. Opinions are a part of living I appreciate that, but 1Hack + FTU + FCO & other sister sites meant a Moral behind, Learning, Education.

Entertainment is a basic part of life, it gives relaxin time after we get bored or tired of studying hard, Movies, TV-shows entertain us when we don’t plan party outside but plan to watch something over weekend, but this material can be found on Platform that meant to keep that content, over 100 of sites giving Movies content so better check them beside Expecting from us.

(It ain’t a bad thing but not in our task) :slight_smile:

Everyone: This is a list that mentioned by TheJoker what’s his favorite, That’s all. If anyone has a suggestion then Follow the thread mentioned at the thread’s bottom to share your list there.


Absolutely agree !!

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Thanks for this list


thanks lot im excited to watch some new horror movies in the list hehe i have already watched some