I want to store movies on cloud storage?

i want to store movies on cloud storage (around 5-6TB) which cloud storage is safe ?
as the content may cause Copyright Infringement.
Suggest me some good cloud storage(link shareable).

If you want unlimited storage 4 videos then choose google photos. I am using it right now to store all my courses.

Use Team Drive and then create GDrive Index on Cloudflare workers to make the data public

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  1. buy edu email
  2. sign in to google drive with that email, you will get unlimited storage
  3. put your movies in google drive
  4. make it private, so your movie will be safe from copyright infringement

use pcloud premium or gdrive premium bcz you wont get 5tb free of cost

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5 TB will be quite expensive if you are gonna pay.

I suggest you to buy a team drive from some high-quality provider for $15-20 and get unlimited storage.
Or get 2 or 3 cheap team drives ($0-5) and use rsync on colab running once every 24 hours to keep the data synced so that if any of them get busted, you have a backup.

However, every single movie is available online already on YTS and so many team drives, who already maintain backups. Are you sure you wanna make so much effort to store 5 TB of what’s already available online when you can just download any movie or stream to watch?


any video link plz

check this one out… ask the creator for the video… maybe he can guide you