I want to make android Project for my final year. SUGGESTIONS NEEDED

Hello guys I want to make android project for my final year and also want to include it in my resume for placements . But I dont have any idea.
I need suggestion from you guys.
Thanks in advance


How about having an app that compare different food prices of restaurants for Similar dishes?

It will works like the app Trivago.


What I see India lack is a platform like teespring and redbubble! Souled store and bwakoof.com don’t have that facilities. So, a platform dedicated to this will be really appreciated while an app would be a great step to it. And I can be the first artist to contribute designs etc.

Or you can make a robust chat forum for devs like Dev.to

A creative image editing app with free marketplace for sharing designs.

And many more, I’ll tell when I get to it or when they strike my memory again.
Hope you get something valuable @kla_shr.


if you wanted to make project just for placement
i d rather suggest fork some github project squeeze it a little-bit make it advance like compilation…
if nessasary do atlest 4-5 bug fixes project and make atleast 2 best project out of box.

1:4k/hevc supported video player which will play remote video too

2:a good chromium based browser less resource uses.

3:best of all a webapp for every Dev Forum which will not use any permission.
these are serious easy apps but its useful for long run

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Make an app to map all cameras in your area.