I need to transfer a lot videos and files?

I would like your help. I’m looking to send several Tb of files to the account you created, but even though my Internet is 100Mb to upload the time for sending the files are very time consuming. I tried to use the explorer to copy the files to the web brouser inside the google drive, but it crashes. Then I tried to use the virtual disk created for Google Drive with Windows 10 and it improved a little. Finally I’m using Synctoy to send the files to the virtual disk created by Google Drive on my Desktop, but it is also very slow.

What do you advise me to do for these type of transfers where I need to transfer a lot videos and files?

Thank you for your help and experience.

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what is transfer speed you are getting while upload?

if its around 12mb then 100mbps link give you 1/8 transfer rate !

want to upload fast upgrade internet with at least 1gbps link!

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Either Use AirExplorer Pro or Folgo Toolbox addon in Google Drive to handle this problem.

AirExplorer suggested by @chaku.

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rclone is the way to go man

Compreshensive guide coming soon

but feel free to DM



Here is a guide on rclone to setup and use it.


And if you don’t feel like using command line there is a GUI version aswell.
It continues after the previous video where he already made the config.

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Using https://www.speedtest.net/ I have 497.56Mbps to download and 262.38Mbps to upload. My connection is from Brazil, so you may still experience slowdowns when passing through certain international routers until you reach the Google Drive servers.

Thank you for your help