I need help to make puppeteer undetectable

I’m trying to automate tasks for a client but most of the site can detect my script as the bot, I will be more than glad if anyone helps me make a better tool to make puppeteer undetectable. I have tried puppeteer-extra and stealth-plugin somehow some website still able to figure out that script is being used.

Recently, I wanted to scrape plane ticket prices from a few webpages to find the cheapest flight available. Unfortunately, these websites had very good web scraping protection and I kept getting blocked.

This led me to try and build an undetectable web scraper. In this article, I’ll show you how I did it.

Below topic showed how you can scrape data from a webpage whilst being very hard to detect.

  • Please note that scraping data from a web page is an ethical grey area and you should not use it on protected or copyrighted data.

Full tutorial: