I need a free vps

Hello Im A teen and I would love to get a vps to use since I am at home and my computer is a chromebook and I would like to code and do other thinks but this chromebook is in capible is there any way I can get a free vps i have a prepaid visa giftcard but no phone

you can use azure or amazon aws

I have AWS but it runs like garbage

use edu account to credit free 100$ credit in azure
or use your cc to create acc in aws

for mobile number use godaddy smartline or

Godaddy for azure says it wont accept VOIP

use this


you can use large instance and select region close to your region to reduce latency

Google Cloud Platform gives free $300 credit. you can have a high performance VPS with NVIDIA Tesla K80 running for a year.

If your credit ran out, just create a new gmail account and do it again.

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I did the larger instance on aws t2.2xlarge it works like crap

how this work? I can only see the Linux terminal

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