I like to exchange Invideo 1 year business plan coupon code worth $240 with any good product management or growth hacker course

Hi People,

I am having a 1 year business plan coupon code worth $240 of https://invideo.io/ (Canva for video).

I like to exchange with a good premium course in product management or growth hacking.

DM personally with the courses you have.

With love, Max

As the name tells everything, barter is a system of exchange where participants in a transaction directly exchange goods or services for other goods or services :balance_scale: :basket: without using a medium of exchange, such as money. So you cannot ask for the money in-exchange! :x:

Remember if you caught you asking for money, your account will be banned from 1Hack for forever!` :warning:

I can provide you with CXL Growth Marketing Minidegree. PM for details

Hi MJ,
Sry, for late reply. Recently I lost my grandma thts why I couldn’t come online frequently.
Can I know more details about the program bro?

Will you give me the entire course in a drive?

yes in GDrive

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Great Bro,
Is this the latest version of CXL Minidegree?

Because I am doing the same program through scholarship bro!
If I am having a backup of this resource this will be really useful to me.

Bro do you have any other good product management courses?

Am sorry for that,may God rest her in Peace.
Yes I will upload to mega.nz.

Even I am doing the same course via Scholarship. I am saving all their vids in Gdrive and all the notes in PDF format as I go on doing the course.

Hi MJ,
Good to hear. Have you downloaded the entire course videos and notes?
Please share me a screen shot. I will check once and let’s exchange bro!

I have all eleven CXL courses including resources mega plus some other courses