I have question regarding shared drive is it safe to put our files there?

I uploaded some of my files on Shared drive I’m concerned regarding the safety of it.

I will sum it up for you and you will got your answer :slight_smile: : if you don’t want an information to be spread in public, don’t give or share this information in the first place.
For sure shared drive has some positives, but always and forever there is Lack of Security

I wish you’ve got my point here

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Another question , do you think that the shared drive will one time be deleted by the providers of the shared drive ? Because i uploàded so many huge files on it , and i wanna know if i should back them up on a harddrive or they will stay there forever.

If you ask me I would say in my case I prefer to store my stuff in a external hard drive, I’ve never uploaded my stuff on clouds or shared drive… Just make a backup as soon as possible


If you uploaded stuff on there illegally then yes the owners of the share drives can & most probably will delete your files when they find you out. It’s common sense. Many people already have been the victims of this just search around here. My advice is don’t upload personal stuff on shared drives just upload random stuff like movies and such.

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