I have created an script that will take you from IMDB page to relevant torrent


This script add a button on the IMDB page when you search for any film, and onclicking that button you’ll be taken to a relevant torrent.

Get the script on my GitHub page.


Those who don’t know how to use UserScript, install TamperMonkey Chrome extension and install this script there. Or you can download their android app. Or should i create a YT tutorial for that


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Good script :+1:

NOTE: RARBG not visible in some countries, ISP’s blocked the access, use VPN if required or make sites optional to replace any if possible.!


NOTE for anyone who doesn’t know how to use this script:

You can install a browser addon/extension like User JavaScript and CSS on Chrome, which allows adding scripts to any website/page, and simply paste the above script in that extension for the IMDB website.

That said, you should add some option to change the torrent website, some may use Yify, others something else.

For example, you could easily add a dropdown menu to select a specific torrent website. The possibilities for improvements & features are many, and if you turn it into a Chrome/Firefox addon, it’ll be even better :wink:

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Try root.yt proxy.


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Good work! :yum:
Since numerous people won’t know about the extension posted above by @trexoftsys , please add it in your post so that it is easy for other people to use your script hassle free.

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I have added a better one that I personally use.

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I can feel how this script opens up the door for endless possibilities to “onehack” other websites :grin:

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I prefer “User JavaScript and CSS” because it also offers custom CSS styling support along with JS, whereas TamperMonkey seems to only provide user JS support.

Didn’t get it. What you want to say? @trexoftsys please elaborate

I meant that your script will be the starting point of something bigger, people will now start making similar scripts for other websites because you gave them that idea :slight_smile:

This is #creativity.

Super share. Great work

you sjould create youtube tutorial for this please.

there’s a similar script here supporting almost all mainstream torrent sites.

That one doesn’t work on chrome.

it does mate, what error are you getting?

No errors whatsoever - there’s just nothing showing up on the page, no buttons, nothing.

It’s below of add of watch list button.
I wonder if you have given access to the script to allow adding links
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Nope, nothing like that shows up at all on my side. Doesn’t matter anymore anyway. Glad it works for others.

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Thanks @w3Abhishek Nice straight forward script. Maybe add more torrent sites aswell :grin: Nice work.