I have created a Node.js course that I am selling on Udemy. Can I share it here?

I created a Node.js course and selling it on Udemy. But I want to share the course for free with you guys.

Because, you guys helped me in a lot of stuff. But I have a question, can Udemy take any action on an instructor(like legal action).

I am the authorised person who own that course. Can Udemy interfere in it?

Please answer.


please i want to ask for node js question :i have see a lot of devlopper work on ecommorce site devloppte by prestashop platforme devloped by php but how can i make the same thing by node js ?

You can set the course on udemy and provide the forum members with free coupon code.It will drive engagement for your course as well.


We will be waiting for your shared udemy course. Don’t delay the inevitable.

IF PHP is doing sever side rendering you also need to do server side rendering using node js ?
then follow this tutorial its basic one:-

Doesnt look like the person wants to give away his course for free to 1hack memebers. I think he was just advertising his course giving an excuse of giving the course for free.

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Yes Right, Because every NOOB also knows that so many courses are available FREE on udemy already so why not his course can’t be given free. He created it so he is not new on platform.

Don’t u worry, FTU will handle the rest of.

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Brilliant Reply. @w3Abhishek listen to this person. With coupons you will atleast get legitimate traffic on your course and some of us may even write positive reviews.

Yes, you just have to share us the Coupon. So we Can enroll in the course you created.