I got scammed

i got scammed by some guy on telegram for over $100, because he was selling stuff for cheap and then didnt deliver i managed to trick him into clicking a link i sent and grabbed his ip and info and then he blocked me and kicked me out of his telegram group, I was dumb enough to fall for it. I want to DDOS him or something and need help on how to.


Contact your bank and file a “dispute transaction” case within 60 days of payment. Bank will manage to return your money. Dont worry be happy. Just chill nothing has gone !


sorry for the late reply, but it was in bitcoin. Thats why im mad and want to DDOS him, I already have his information

Google DDOS Stresser and pick one

Im sorry for the bad, I know it’s painful. Forgive the person and move on bro!

they only run for like 300 seconds max before you need to buy an account lol

always use escrow system or work with verified vendors