I Forgot Password on Microsoft Word Document

Hello ALL,

I need help as I forgot a password on the Microsoft Word Document, any idea on how I can recover it?


Test if this works for you → How to Bypass a Microsoft Word Document Password

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There are some methods, but according to the MS office you cannot recovery the forgotten or lost passwords from MS word. They does not offer any service to retrieve passwords. You can read here - refer to the given link

Here is the blog I search when I want to recover my lost word file password. But nothing works my friend. I have tried all the free methods. Here is the link if you want to check—

But what I found after so many tries, that if you have entered weak level password like for example-1234, then the free word recovery passwords software or free cloud Password Recovery can recover your passwords. I have tried it, its work well. you can also try, if you want to. But if you have entered strong password (for ex-@@12Lmrtasf) then it is hard to retrieve You have to buy there premium pack to retrive the password.
Here is the website I tried and it worked well with weak passwords.

In future look for Giveaway Tools for recovery word passwords post from @SaM. That’s the only way otherwise you have to buy it.

I hope this helps you!!


Try HashCat, that is the best to crack passwords of a Word Document…
Google for Hashcat Google Colab so you won’t even need hardware of your own.
If your password is like 6 letters then it should be very easy

Thank you, I’ll try as suggested.