Hw To Make Money With Spotify Without Making Your Own Music

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming platform available online. Spotify pays you whenever someone streams your song. Best thing is even if you don’t make your own music, you are still able to make money with Spotify by bringing listeners on your playlist. Spotify only counts streams that last longer than 30 seconds on your song. You can expect to make $3 to $5 per 1,000 stream.

So How you can make money with Spotify without making your own Music?

In this case you have to use playlistpush.com for receiving songs from New Singers/Individuals who wants to promote their music on spotify. You are able to get songs/music from Playlist Push for adding into your Spotify playlist. Your work will be bring traffic/listeners to your Spotify playlist. The More people that listen your playlist the more money you make.

Requirement of Playlist Push for becoming creator (For getting their music/songs)

1- 1,000 followers per playlist

2- Minimum 30 Active Monthly Listeners per playlist

3- Minimum 1% Active Monthly Listeners per playlist

For meeting Playlist Push requirements quickly, You can make a playlist on Spotify and add dummy music/songs there, then get 1,000 Spotify playlist followers from starpanel.net for less then $0.80 cents, active Monthly Listeners for just $3.0. So you are able to meet all their requirements quickly within $5 from starpanel.net in like 30 minutes.

After doing this, you will get access to Playlist Push musics/songs which you can add to your playlists and then you will have to get followers and listeners on your playlist to make money from Spotify x Playlist Push. Keep adding fresh songs/music to your playlists for keeping the audience.

Happy learning!


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