Hw To Discover The Best Content For Social Media

Details of the Hack:

With PostPlanner, you can find content recommendations for social media. You do not have to get into a content road-block ever again. You can create a personal curated content library on the go and save or combine feeds into powerful social media streams.

  • Usage Phase: Social Media Marketing
  • Usage Difficulty: Easy
  • Tools Used: https://www.postplanner.com/
  • Paid/Free: Freemium Tool (Starts at $3, a month)
  • Free Alternatives: None


  1. Once you sign up for PostPlanner, you will get to the dashboard - https://love.postplanner.com/
  2. Click on the “Find” button and search for a particular keyword in the search tab, you would like to get ideas on - example: Cats
  3. Click on Status ideas to find 100’s of ideas for Facebooks status, tweets etc. Alternatively, you can sort broad-level ideas according to industries like science & tech, retail, arts & humanities etc.
  4. If you are on a premium plan of post planner, you can set the posting times for scheduling content when you click on the “Plan Button”.
  5. Under “Post” section, you can configure your social networks or even write a post and schedule the same.

Bonus Tip:
You can use ideas from PostPlanner statuses and create posts separately from https://pablo.buffer.com/ or www.canva.com and schedule them on Facebook. While Posting on Facebook, click on the down arrow and the option schedule will show up. You can do this manually or even use hootsuite.com for free scheduling.

Credit: Hack it with Granny

Happy learning!


It got a 7 day free trial, thats not a freemium model.
Freemium model means a basic free forever plan and then paid plan(s).
Granny gotta update her software :grinning: