How To Watch Netflix Movies/Series & Disney+ For Free

Stremio is a modern media center that’s a one-stop solution for your video entertainment. You discover, watch, and organize video content from easy to install addons.

Movies, TV shows, live TV, or web channels - find all this on Stremio.

This website’s application has everything from Netflix and Disney+.

This is a desktop/mobile application like Popcorn Time and you can just download it for free.

Have fun watching all the newest movies!



how to watch live tv in it ??

Been using Stremio for a while, very much recommended.

The only thing to remember though, If you don’t have a subscription you will have to install add-ons to fetch torrent links.

If Torrents are Illegal in your country then it’s highly recommended to use a VPN while using Stremio otherwise you can get into trouble.

I got Infringement notices for quite a lot of movies as well as WWE etc.

Other than that enjoy STREMIO.

Any better alternatives to Stremio you can recommend? Which is the best so far?

Just use online websites to watch movies, TV shows. I have moved over to grabbing Google Drive team drive links from telegram and searching from movies in their GDRIVE INDEX. the one that’s pretty good is Link Removed as requested by Rajan This method is safe and you can avoid Torrents too…


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thanks, but suggest best addons as well?

Great share, thanks!