How To Watch Movies & Series Without An Netflix Account ⭐

Simple Method:


  • Telegram Account

Search on telegram for this bot:


  • Write /start
  • Then click on Series or Movies
  • You have full list of Series and Movies for free


Considering rules, I’m not sharing any channel here to get any piece of benefit (It’s not allowed), it’s not mine, I do not own this either, not here to promote it, I’m just sharing the releaser’s bot access for Educational Purposes to watch movies/series for free. 1Hack rules apply!



That’s a very handy bot… Thanks man, big thumbs up

nice, thanks

Title Fixed, with this bot, no Netflix account required, simply write and start :+1:


Hi, it says I need to invite 3?.for me to download the mod.
How can I invite?.

This is by far the best TELEGRAM BOT I’ve seen, thank you for sharing this.

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That’s great information :heart_eyes:

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Amazing!! What about subtitles?

You cab get that from a Subs site ( or something like it would do the job)

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Thanks, no more Netflix account required… its work

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