How To Watch Any Web Series & Movies Worldwide

The link to the app:

It looks like it’s completely legal. It looks like an app that keeps track of the shit you watch. But, the whole point of it is that its so easy for people to write add-ons for it that it makes it basically a streaming powerhouse. The UI is easy to use, you will be able to find any movie you wanna find, you can download movies directly from the app and view them later!


STEP 1: Install the app (

STEP 2: Install the addon Torrentio:


Want to explore more addons?

After that, just search for anything you want to watch, and just press play. Select the stream with the most Seeders (the person emoji) for the resolution you want.

Want more functionality? Go to the Stremio Subreddit:

There, you will find this Github list of all addons that you can install:…/main/

Start fucking around with addons you see, and for group-watching with friends of yours I suggest Peario. Get some chips, join a discord call, setup a room, start watching the movie!

There are addons for anime, cartoons, IPTV, YouTube, Gaming, Sports, Video Courses (UDemy), Music, (Adult shits), public domain movies, Metadata addons, Subtitle addons that autosync, and even Discord Rich Presence!



thanks man used this coool
working fine suggest some more good addons

Is it free or should i buy a subscription

Insane thank you OP!

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This service ia free but you nead streaming paid excess

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What does that mean ? Kindly, explain!

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This is only record what you see.