How To Watch Any TV Channel In More Than 60+ Countries

Hi, in this tutorial I am going to show you how to watch any TV channel you want in any language for free using 1 program.

Tools we are going to use: UyduportaL Stalker Player v4 (Click)

Let’s start

  1. Download the program from the link above

  2. Launch it and you are going to see a button called “Profiles” In the upper left corner. Click it and choose 1 of the 2 options (doesn’t matter in most cases).

  3. Click get links and countries are going to start popping up. Double click country, then the desired channel.

  4. Enjoy Free TV!


  • If you are experiencing lagging, freezing choose the other profile (not the one you chose in the beginning) and try again If that doesn’t work, restart the program.

  • If a channel doesn’t play no matter what you do it’s one of those rare cases where it doesn’t work but there are so many, that shouldn’t be a problem.





Facing the same issue.

same error

Not working, even after downloading the libffplay.dll still not working.

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No Profile Loading

Please enter the DNS addres

no profile loadiing

Use this one and load the custom profile


worked flawlessly! just use the link provided by fred_morse

Thanks @Fred_Morse Just tried your custom profile and works great.

No channel is playing !! How to fix ??

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same here.

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Thank you very much ! It works perfectly using @Fred_Morse’s link :+1:t2:

Worked.I have a very good internet connection despite all of that sometimes my video stream got paused

Yes i have the same problem. It only works for about 30 seconds and then it just pauses and does not restart again. So basically the channels are all there, there just unwatchable.

Is there any good similar app like this for android?

Have you tried:

Also do a search on google for free iptv lists Or sign up for a few free trials.

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For me it’s not sometimes but always paused after about 30 seconds. Happens on every channel

Just come across another profile to add to Stalker Player. Plenty of channels and loads of VOD. As of this moment of testing, i didn’t get no pause at all on any of the channels. If it lasts i’m not sure, but so far no pause every few seconds.


To use, just open rar file and copy the .ini file to the profile folder of Stalker Player and paste it there. Then start Stalker Player, click load profile and you will see the file you copied over and just click get links and all’s done.

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