How To Verify Youtube Channels Under 100k

Hey all. Posting this here since people are paying $500 bucks for this method and it’s really not worth the price.


  • YouTube Channel
  • Verified Social Media Account or an account with lots of followers (I know for a fact TikTok works, heard Twitter and another YT account works too.)

Note: Believe you can do this by just paying a verified TikToker to add your YouTube to their bio, however, it will depend on the support rep that you get in contact with.

  1. Get access to a verified social media account.
  2. Contact YouTube support by email and say you are a content creator transitioning onto YouTube and would like to be verified so people know you’re the real influencer.
  3. Make sure your Socials are linked before starting the process and asking for verification.
  4. Get Verified without getting scammed out of $500.
    What they will ask for: