How to verify PayPal account

Hi all members how are you?
Hope you are fine. I am from PAKISTAN AND I have made an account on PayPal using Fake address OF USA and someone sent me 32 usd . But i cannot use because needs to be verified.
When i click on accept the money then it says keep in paypal or
Send to bank account. And when i click on bank account I don’t see any bank of Pakistan
SO please any possible solution for this?
Help will be highly appreciated.


Bhai Jan Pakistan mien koi bhi bank allow ni krta PayPal sy paisy withdraw k liye. Is k liye ap ko FB pr pages ya Group search krien ap dollar sell krdein busyer ko or cash apny bank mien transfer krwa lein.

This topic already had solved, then what is the further need to dump it again? Anyway, read the below posts and cooperate instead of pushing it where there the answer remains the same.

Another tip:

Would you bear it? there are thousands of money jerks who exist in Pakistan, they will buy PayPal dollars at the cheapest rate, E.x, rate PKR 183, they will give you around 120/125pkr, beware of them, but if you get any friend of a friend then they can give you a good rate, else, find freelancers near you, ask them they may have verified links to get and pay money. In the above posts, I have mentioned the banks that can be used if you want.

Lastly, In Pakistan, if anyone gives you a 90% rate then a few of them ain’t sucking anything, they are supposed to get paid where there is no solution for you but they are helping you out.

Good luck!