How To Verify Any Account | Paypal, Coinbase, Cashapp, etc! ⭐

Ever wanted to bypass KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification on your favorite platforms? Well, I’ll teach you.

  • Proxies, to successfully create an account it’s recommended you use proxies for them.

Some proxy sites are

  • Before you create the account - go to analytics and see what the fraud score of the IP you’ve purchased is, if it’s high, then most likely your verification or application will fail, or the account will brick/lock right after opening it.

Once you purchase a proxy around the target location you need, you’ve completed step one, now start the sign-up process on the website you need to verify.

  • Enter the victim’s information which you are verifying slowly, don’t copy & paste, and don’t switch between tabs, that slowly raises the fraud score on the IP, therefore, making it less useable.

  • Once you’ve registered with the victim’s information, Check if it asks you for an Upload of a document or a scan if it an upload simply choose the files from your computer and upload it, but if it decides to ask for a scan, use a mobile emulator like Nox, LDPLayer9 or Bluestacks and download Manycam (Many cams is a virtual camera that changes your default PC’s camera to whatever you upload in the manycam video box, once verification pops up on the app or website, it will display the information on your manycam dashboard. and you easily scan from there.

  • Fortunately, most website verifiers use a bot to verify uploaded documents, so the many-cam watermark won’t get detected for more sophisticated apps the bot detects the watermark and denies the verification process, but if you want to you can always buy many-cam premium (which removes the watermark option) for $50.00

Free Document PICS Below X2 (front, back, selfie)


Here (2)

Happy learning!