How To Use USA Prepaids Anywhere In The World ✨

So recently with all these prepaid going on, I have seen a lot of people frustrated that are not from US that could not use them. Fear no more, as I’m here to help!

Okay so first things first you will need to have the following :

  • Verified ID Stripe Account
  • Any bank/card you can link to your stripe (i.e revolut)
  • LTE Proxies with a good ISP i.e t-mobile, verizon etc… (I recommend illusory proxies)

Okay so now granted you have all of these :

  1. Load up any windows 10 install on VMWARE
  2. Make sure you have proxifier and brave downloaded, make sure cookies are clean.
  3. Connect to the LTE USA proxy using proxifier
  4. Load up brave and login to stripe
  5. Go into stripe payment rule settings, and turn off ALL security captchas
  6. Create a new payment link for a service, at a charge of around 45.00USD (5USD less then the prepaid)
  7. Save the link to this stripe payment
  8. Close brave and clear cookies and change your IP
  9. Paste in the stripe payment link
  10. Enter the card information MANUALLY and put the CVV as 000
  11. Once payment has gone through, repeat from step 8.

To retrieve your funds you need to wait 5-7 days at first, and after more activity/sales generated it goes down to 3 days.

Enjoy and be sure to vouch if it worked for you

Disclaimer : This method does require some money to invest, however it is 100% worth to do.

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