How to Use Rclone Script to Copy Files From Team Drive to Team Drive | 2020

Introduction |

Hello guys. EduTechTainMent is here to show you guys how to use rclone script to copy files from Team Drive to Team Drive seamlessly. Rclone is the best option for noobs.

This is particularly important if you are facing problems setting up any of the other alternatives that allow for copying terabytes of data without the daily 750Gb limit of Google- such as AutoRclone, Folderclone and Gclone. These other methods make use of service accounts. AutoRclone is particularly popular.

Why Use This Method

1. It will take about 3 to 5 minutes to set this up and running.

  1. You can programmatically copy all files/folders in a team drive to your own personal team drive.

  2. You don’t need to add service accounts to the source team drive. This is a huge bottleneck for many because AutoRclone mostly require you to copy SA into both the source and destination TD, but most TD administrators/owners restrict this access.

  3. Your copying task continues from where it left off the previous day if you reach your daily maximum transfer cap of 750Gb.

  4. You can however bypass this by having more than one Google account linked to the team drive (after all Google accounts are free to open).

  5. One of the many reasons why I love using this method is that it affords me the opportunity to have fine-grained control of the files I wish to copy and not just copy all the useful and some useless (at least to me) files in the source team drives since many are publicly sourced. A lot of TD admins/owners are battling with the task of organizing files in their TD. From the very get-go, you can choose where you want your files to go- such as Movies folder, Series folder, Courses folder, Books, etc.


  1. Rclone remotes should be set up for both your team drive and the source team drive. Read how to set it up here.

  2. AirExplorer app. | Read about it here.

  3. Notepad++

  4. Basic knowledge of Rclone commands.

  5. Windows PC (obviously)

TL:DR | EduTechTainMent Giffy Guides

Setting up Rclone remote


Setting Up Notepad++ and Running Rclone Script

Optional- Modifying Rclone Script


Read the Full-text and pictorial Guide here:

EduTechTainMent | How to Use Rclone Script to Copy Files From Team Drive to Team Drive | 2020


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thanks bro i needed this very badly


thanks mate for this sharing :smile:


thanks a lot for detailed tutorial


Hi I have a doubt. If a have 10 accounts in both source and destination TD it´s means that i can copy 7.5 TB for day?

Is there any additional configuration that has to be done in the script to do this.

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Yes that’s what it means. None whatsoever, asides from the initial rclone remote creation and the script creation. Then you are good to go. It doesn’t take me 3 minutes to setup all the process. Subsequently I just run my script and that’s it. No stress of requesting for addition of SA from the TD owners.

I also use this method to copy from mega to TD or mega to edu gdrive or from gdrive to gdrive. Easy peazy!!!


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.

Thanks a lot and can I ask you a question? If I have a GDrive link of another person, can I make a server side copy directly to my own GDrive?

wait wait wait…
im little confused here…

lets say i have 10 google accounts, so how does rclone know which account’s 750gb limit is over? and how do i know that and change to next account?

and for mega, when i try to copy from mega to my td, it doesn’t copy server side, it uses my bandwidth and i dont have that much faster internet connectivity hence its useless, so do you have any idea to copy server side from mega to td?

Of course it would cos you will be creating different rclone remotes for the different Gmail accounts. Rclone copy command ignores directories when they are already present in the destination drive.

To know when you hit the daily upload limit of 750gb, just ad this to the last line in rclone.conf file of the remote:

drive-stop-on-upload-limit = true

This will also output a message notifying you the limit has been reached.

You can also add the server side flag to this list if you don’t want to do this via the command interface:

drive-server-side-across-configs = true.

For Mega to gdrive or TD, it will use your bandwidth. You can however utilise a vps to help out (yet to try it out on a vps personally though).

Perhaps I will create another guide on how to do this for easy reference.


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you mean like this?

Yes you can. I will create another guide specifically to address this but here is a brief summary of what is expected of you.

Move all the files/folders you want to copy from the source gdrive into a new folder. Share this new folder with the other gdrive account you want to copy into.

Now run the following rclone command:

    rclone copy drive1:/shared_folder  - -drive-shared-with-me drive1:/New_folder_name -server-side-across-configs -v -P


The -drive-shared-with-me flag allows rclone to access the shared drive portion in the gdrive account. This code simply copies the files in the shared folder and creates a new copy in your Google My Drive with full ownership and access control for the 2nd drive, independent of the 1st drive it was shared from. The flags will output the command execution details on the screen. Verbose -v shows (copied server side) that you are not using ur local Internet bandwidth and -P shows the task progress.

I hope you understand what I just explained. I will try and create a detailed EduTechTainMent Giffy Guide on how to go about doing this soon.


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For best results when using gdrive, it is best practice to create your own client ID and client secret.

Edit your rclone remote after creating your client ID and secret using this guide:


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thanks a lot bro for your detailed instructions and guide, i really appreciate that.

im leaning new things here…

btw can i edit my already created remotes and use my own client id and secret as you mentioned above? if yes then how?

and after updating remotes with my client id and secret, do i need to update this in my aria2 settings via heroku?

Yes to all your Q.

1st open the cmd prompt in ur rclone folder and type

rclone config

Then chose e to edit the remote. Next select the remote you wish to edit.

Now visit the link above and create your client ID and secret. You will need to input this when you are asked in the rclone config creation/editing process.

Same way in heroku. Just go to settings, edit config and input those new lines from your rclone config. This step is very important in Heroku aria 2 used as a torrent leecher. It is what allows you to uploaded the downloaded torrents directly into your team drive or Google drive. Otherwise, your files get downloaded but don’t get uploaded to your TD.


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.

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im doing this now, one thing i wanna ask, what is root folder id in rclone config?
my td has a root folder and everything is inside that folder.
Its like My TD>uploads>All Folders and Files Here

Edit: I gave it id of my root folder and finished the configuration. But when i opened the rclone.config file its not yet updated, it has previously saved values. so im little confused here…

Edit2: I just noticed that its in the rclone folder, not in C:\Users\User_Name\.config\rclone

Edit3: I updated config in heroku settings, downloaded a file but its not showing in my td, i gave root folder id during config, and removed “file path” in heroku settings which was set to “uploads” earlier and i gave this folder id during rclone config. Am i missing here something?.

Share SS of your heroku config.

Cc: @FlashyFlash your attention may be needed here.


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.

mega download only for a maximum of 5gb a day. So your way is also done right?

Thanks a lot dear for your continuous help.

I removed root_folder_id from config and added RCLONE_DESTINATION to uploads (as this is my root folder) and now its working fine.

Once again thanks a lot. Best of luck.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. If I add the link to My Drive as shortcut ( instead of “shared with me” ) do I need to use the “–drive-shared-with-me” flag?

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