How To Use OpenBullet Anomaly!

How to use openbullet anomaly version by - iwannasuicede

  1. Go and download openbullet anomaly version -…3.1/
  2. Use 7zip or winrar to extract it where u want i perfer to the desktop
  3. Click kghAWXf.png and wait for it to open then press v3HHO4O.png , it will say that there is update/new version how ever if u want to use the newest version u have to use
    anomaly updater.exe
  4. Wait to load
  5. Load proxy from here qUfNNpX.png

and press XOBINKo.png
u can chouse from proxyscrape AB2As4j.png or u can uploud your own proxy
7. Load combolist from here pg3ma85.pngand press h3WiLkd.png
8. To add configs go here nWpY5Fn.png and press G9z9ugE.png then drag your configs into the folder and press ny85wEm.png
9. The fun part Kappa press Ofw82TQ.png then press this s4sqlb0.png and select your config press here Dw9E4hY.png to select ur combolist if u want to configure the bots or the to run it proxyless press here XUHMv1c.png or here 2WdzZ0v.png
10. Press ksn4oRd.png and u are good to go
11. After it finish it save the hits at HitsDB jVPrGDQ.png if u have more than one config u can select which config u want.

Google search if you don’t know what is it about and what openbullet does and use for.

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